Introducing Congether

Introducing Congether

Press Release: Introducing Congether

Meitingen, Germany – Empowering your applications. introduced Congether ( – a new platform for managing software applications. Featuring a module-based system for monitoring and configuring software-applications, Congether will help development-teams around the world to keep an eye on their software.

Congether is able to handle and manage applications platform- and technology-independent. In addition, different granularity-level like application-versions, devices and even installations can be handled with this platform.

Whether the applications are used on-premise or are public available, for servers, desktops or smartphones – Congether can manage them independently.


The first two modules in Congether will support the software-development with regard to the management of an application after it has been published or delivered.


The module “Conductor” enables centralized application-configuration. Every application, application-version, device or installation can be independently configured. This helps software-teams to manipulate the behavior of an application even if it’s in productive environment. The common use-cases can be migrations (e.g. database-endpoints), activating or deactivating features (e.g. beta-tests for insider, logging-level) or helping developers to adapt their IoT-applications around the world.

Every client receives through the Congether APIs its individual configuration, based on the preferences for each level.


With “Tracer” it is simpler than ever to monitor applications. Not just logging-informations like errors or warnings can be collected with it – in addition so called “metrics” can be reported. This metrics can be used in example for time-spans to measure and analyze performance-critical actions or collect sensor-informations in IoT-applications.

With the Congether APIs, the logging is platform-independent and can be used with any programming language or framework.

With “Tracer Analyzer” it is possible to simply review and analyze the collected information graphically.

APIs and SDKs

Congether offers fully specified and open Web APIs to work with the Congether modules. With this feature, every application, which is able to handle HTTP-requests can be adapted to use Congether.

In addition, several SDKs are available and more will be added in the meantime. The SDKs for example .NET-applications or Angular-applications can be used to abstract not just the API, but also helps developers with additional features like caching or queueing the requests to make the applications and Congether usable in a temporarily offline environment.

Hosting Congether

It’s necessary to handle the collected informations with care. Because of that, Congether is available in different installation-variations. Like manual installation for Windows or Linux, Docker-Images or even fully preinstalled virtual-machine-appliances, prepared for the use in cloud-environments.

Get Congether

Congether is available as different versions. There is a free and minimal version “Congether Essential” for simple use-cases and evaluation available. In addition, five license-plans for different use-cases are available and can be ordered online at

Media and Press-Contact

For more informations and media-contact, please contact

Images and Screenshots of Congether can be downloaded here., founded by Patrick Schnell, offers individual software-development solutions, including consulting and training. Patrick Schnell is software-developer with an experience of over 11 years, author for different magazines and speaker at developer-conferences.